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• 7/29/2014

Commander Nobunaga Taizo: Evil?

I'm suspicious of Taizo because he never told anyone about the island until Hikari asked about it. What do you guys think?

Note: This post will no longer be relevant once more chapters of Fire and Ice are posted.

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• 7/30/2014

I'm not sure that he's evil, I just think that he is greedy for land and power.

• 7/30/2014

He's fire empire, of course he's evil!!!

• 7/30/2014

No, you're being biased

• 7/31/2014

After Chapter 6, what do you guys think? He seems evil, but there could totally be a major plot twist like Snape in Harry Potter.

• 8/4/2014

Well, he's not evil. Becuz he isn't working with the Shadows. Someone else is. So I think he is just overwhelmed by greed. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Power hungry

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