Shiori Mizu is one of the two main protagonists in the light novel Fire and Ice written by Jasmine Duerk and Jasmine Lai. Shiori is the Empress of the Water Empire and Ice Region. She is both a Water and Ice Elemental.

Shiori Mizu
Shiori Mizu
Status Single
Age 17
Birth Date December 17
Height 5'7"
Eye Color Dark Cobalt
Hair Color Black
Occupation Water & Ice Empress
Relatives Father (Dead) - Hideyoko Mizu Mother (Dead) - Serika Mizu Second Aunt (Dead) - Empress Kanoka Sui Second Cousin (Dead) - Isao Sui
Abilities Water Elemental Ice Elemental


Shiori Mizu grew up in the province of Yukikyo, the capital of the Ice Region. Her father went to war with the Fire Empire and was killed and her mother died when a fireball launched by the Fire Empire landed on their home. Shiori was top in her class and was the lucky student to be sent to the Water Empire to become an apprentice of a Water Elemental. Shiori became close friends with another apprentice of the Water Elemental, a girl named Amaya Rei. When the Emperor, Shiori's second cousin, and his family were killed, there was no longer an heir to the throne. Officials eventually traced the royal line to Shiori. Therefore, Shiori became the new Empress of the Water Empire. As the new Empress, she gained new riches and power, learning how to control ice as well as water. As Empress, she moved into the Imperial Palace, which stood in the center of the Water Empire, at it's capital, Kyonada.


Shiori was a nice and quiet girl at childhood, but is cautious and chooses her words carefully when she speaks. Shiori has a mild temper and rarely yells, though she can be impatient. She is stern and has a cold feeling towards her enemies. A natural diplomat, Shiori isn't easily surpised, and can be persuasive if she tries. Shiori learned to mask her emotions ever since her mother died. The Ice Region's citizens and leaders expected everyone to be cold and solitary.


Being from the Ice Region, Shiori has wavy black hair and dark blue eyes, unlike the Water Empire children. Shiori is pale and her expression is usually cold. She is beautiful, but in a more solemn and regal way than being simply pretty. Her normal outfit is an aqua-colored tunic and black leggings, and a silver circlet with an aquamarine in the middle. Shiori wears snowflake earrings as well to symbolize the Ice Region.


Shiori is both a Water and Ice Elemental. She can create Water Portals, but prefers Snow portals for speed and conveniency. Shiori has The sign of the water imprinted on her hand. Although it is the sign of the water, it glows white when she uses its power because of her birth in the Ice Region. Shiori is very powerful but rarely uses her abilities to the extent, although when she is fighting the Shadow Elementals, she creates a whirling hurricane.